intervening brothels and using a broken heart.

I don’t know what I expected, in all honesty. scantily clad bodies in the shadow of flashing neon lights perhaps. overdone eye make-up and lots of lipstick. and yet, Katy’s women of the night are anything but that. two weeks ago, I signed up for my first brothel intervention in preparation for the upcoming Justice… Continue reading intervening brothels and using a broken heart.

waitressing made me brave: learning while moving forward.

waitressing: a job which requires you to 1. greet 2. talk to 3. generally socialize with and carry food to people and 4. generally deal with random people’s crap with a smile or risk a really lousy tip. I can see one benefit in that straight off and it’s the food: I’m not paid $2.13 an hour to smile my way into a good tip from the food. oh, well. at least the pizza is friendly.