this is for the girl who wants to change the world. 


This is for the artificial girls. The ones who change themselves every so often to fit in. The ones who run from themselves, because they are afraid of being one thing. The ones who struggle with accepting who they are, because their minds have been infected with society’s standards of what it means to be pretty or normal. The ones who are brilliant at hiding their battles and scars. They will never show you that it hurt what you said. They are intriguing souls that once you got to know, you are bound to get lost in them.

This is for the independent girls. The ones who boldly accept that they are their own person. The ones with the fiery or extremely cold eyes. The ones who are not afraid to use their voice. The ones who are constantly being judged by sexist individuals for demanding what they deserve. The ones you know of, but are too intimidated to ask for their names. The ones who replace the word, ’fear’, with the word, ‘challenge’. They are the role models I strive to be.

This is for the wild girls. The ones who live for cheap thrills. The ones who crash too hard and run on fumes. These are the girls who wear their hearts on their sleeves. They turn reality into fiction. They know the difference between infatuation and love, even though sometimes the two become blurred. They love with their whole heart, and are too good for anybody. They can also ruin you with a single touch, if they chose to. They burn brighter than the sun, so stay away if you can’t handle it.

This is for the good girls. The ones who know how to say ‘no’, but choose not to do it. The ones who often feel like they don’t quite belong with the rest of the world, because they don’t do things that typically the people of their age group are doing. The ones who never get enough credit. Stars burn inside of their wrists and honey spills from their mouth when they speak. These are the girls you’d fall in love with if you dared.

This is for the heartbroken girls. The ones who constantly try to take away the pain of others by injuring themselves. The ones who feel that they are not enough in anything that they do, even though they do more than enough. They are the ones who give deep advice when you need it. The ones who are hungry to have a life that is so full of love and happiness that it leaves them starving. They are remarkable poets in disguise.

This is for the girls who exist too much or too little. You are much needed.

This is for all the girls who walk this planet. You are much valued. (via aawordthings)


hey, beautiful.

how are you doing today? is it the upside down lorelai gilmore coffee reliance kind of morning where you’re looking around unsure of how the world is going to treat you? or is it a strong independent woman morning with power in your footsteps? or maybe you’ve found an in between on the road you’re walking?

I bet you look around at this world and it’s crazy and wish you could overturn the awful like I do. do you look around and see the darkness seeping in too? the evil hate that flows from the mouths of women towards each other? that’s not what feminism, what the woman strong community, is supposed to be about. feminism is supposed be that idea that you, my dear, can do whatever it is you’ve made up your mind to do. that means getting married, getting a pregnant tummy, and making dinner/doing laundry/washing dishes if that’s what you want to do.  you should also be able to go to that school you’ve got your mind on and be that career woman that suffragists fought for with their signs and picketing. feminism is supposed to be about you touching the stars. touch pluto if you so dream to. but that isn’t going to happen without the grace of god and a hand holding bond. because right now we, womankind, have a fist fighting, hair pulling bond.


I watched the coverage for the women’s march. and I was proud. proud. but I was also saddened. by the lack of grace on the account of some, but by the lack of unity across the entirety of our sisterhood. at the keeping out of some of our sisters. just a day before the march for life, our joined-together women kept those pro-life sisters out, turned them away. and loves, that is not the spirit of feminism or christendom, on a smaller level.

we’re one. or that is, we should be one.

so, you. girl who wants to change the world. any kind of girl. if you’re like, crazy-desiring-to-protest kind of girl. do you want to know how to change the world? unity. you heard me. unity. the embrace of every beautiful sister girl around you. because it’s hard to make a one person throwing themselves impact and there’s power in the masses. it doesn’t matter who you are, kindness makes the world turn round. we need a hand grasping love to start with you and chain itself across this city, this state, this country, this world.

and that goes for all the causes. the redemption of our sex trafficked sisters and the brothers that are in chains because of it. the righting of immigration and refuge. the celebration of humanity and love. the feeding of the starved, the widow, the orphan. the fixing of the foster care system. the righting of laws. none of that will be righted, redeemed, if we break into individual screaming. or really even semi-united screaming.




let’s cut back on the screaming and only do it if we really really have to.  grab a hand. this is gospel. sing with your sisters. bring in your brothers. and let’s raise up a generation of women full of love.

full of grace.

full of hope.

full of redemption.

full of acceptance.




One thought on “this is for the girl who wants to change the world. 

  1. Loved this and so glad you wrote it…I positively agree that so much can be done for all oppressed persons with less screaming and more talking, working, hand-holding. Grateful you’ll be in the mix leading the way 🙂

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