intervening brothels and using a broken heart.

I don’t know what I expected, in all honesty. scantily clad bodies in the shadow of flashing neon lights perhaps. overdone eye make-up and lots of lipstick. and yet, Katy’s women of the night are anything but that. two weeks ago, I signed up for my first brothel intervention in preparation for the upcoming Justice Rally, being held to counter the Houston Superbowl. Fancied Freedom Mama had invited me and I’d invited The Guitarist to come along with me. partly because, hey, more eyes being opened — the three of us all want desperately to change our corner of the sex trafficking world. and two… my soon to be broken self was going to need a shoulder.

prayer and worship and a cry for intercession. sometimes I can get lost in the before in the wanting to distract from the about to happen, but the bodies around me were tense with the same anticipation and it gave me this feeling of I’m here to do what I’m meant to do. there will be times in your life when your Lord will direct you — do it. do it, do it, do it, and you won’t ever regret it. be a holy kind of terrified and cannonball into the dark water.

be a holy kind of terrified and cannonball into the dark water.

on the way to the first massage parlor aka fully functioning brothel in the front seat of The Guitarist’s car, my prayer rope spun circles in my hands. lord jesus christ, have mercy on me a sinner. lord, have mercy, lord, have mercy, lord, have mercy. lord, grant intercession. sometimes I keep count, but with my mouth moving and my hands flying, I stopped after 500 lord, have mercies. and then there it was. blacked out windows, looking sketchy as all get out, and my heart was in my throat. and The Guitarist looked me in the eyes and said, “you’ve got this.” and my heart yelled, “YES” louder than my brain whispered, “no.”

but nothing they say and nothing you do can quite prepare you for your first interaction. when I made eye contact with the woman in front of me, ready to sell her body, my heart broke into a thousand pieces. those eyes said so many things that she didn’t voice. her eyes echoed a soul that resonated with distrust, wariness, and simply the lack of want for change. and here I am standing in front of a woman who is pretending to not speak English and all I want to do is burn the world to the ground because I have just looked despair in the face. and it is all sorts of broken ugly.

these are women who don’t recognize that they’re victimized. women who are doing the best they can with the worst of situations with what they have.  these are mothers and girls who’s life plans stopped short and women who were pulled into the market of evil by the strings of their souls and they’re stuck. what can they do? or better yet, what can we do? it is hard beyond belief to convince a culture that accepts something as acceptable to realize an evil and it breaks my heart every day. sin is ravaging our corners of the world and sometimes we are so naive and oblivious.

so, what do you do when your heart breaks over sex trafficking? you use it to further heavenly things.

  1. use your all kinds of broken to fix the shattered. I desperately urge you to reach out to the women in your area. they can use all sorts of little things and building a relationship with a broken woman can start helping love slip into them. if you live in the Houston area, PLEASE look into interventions. you will have to be 18 or older, but this is such a wonderful opportunity. (Intervention Info)
  2. look. at. superbowl. outreach. of the thousands of attendees, many will be customers of the industry that weekend. nothing will end if we do not rise up. (Superbowl Attendance Stats) Elijah Rising is holding a 4 day rally to counter the atrocities about to happen. Train, learn, and start RISING UP. (Justice Rally Info and Sign-Up)
  3. if you are unable to do onsite work for any reason, look at hosting a fundraiser for organization such as Elijah Rising and International Justice Mission. IJM has a wonderful link that gives packets and suggestions for fundraisers. or you can totally make up your own. anything helps. you go change your corner of the world.

As for me, I will go back. I will go back every month with my stomach threatening to dispense its contents onto the ground in front of me, but I will go back. with my head screaming and my heart leaning because these women, who are treated like objects day in and day out, deserve to know that someone cares. I urge you, I beg you: do whatever you can to bring about the change we need.

Human Trafficking Hotline


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