note to a person I love + the thousands I want to hug.

sometimes I have letters in my head that I want to speak when I see the person it’s for or write and slip into their hand. but sometimes I never actually get it out of the pen. and sometimes these words can apply to more than just the person my mind speaks it to. so, here’s a letter for the person that I have it in my head for and for all of you that need a little pick-me-up, I love you encouragement today. keep trekking on and being your beautiful selves.

hey, you.

it’s going to be okay. even with all the messed up, twisted crap going down, things have a way of falling together in the end. you’ll be cracked, you’ll be splintered, but you will make it because at your core, you’re strong.

hey, you.

it’s okay to feel things and for them to hurt. big scary things and small seemingly meaningless things. I promise it’s normal. and everything good comes with a level of pain, I think. it’s part of loving, part of caring. the absence of feeling is the absence of living in some ways.

hey, you.

it’s okay to cry and to rant and to feel like a little bit of a bother. you’re not the only one, it’s like I’ve worn your shoes. you have people to catch you, even if it’s just me. I’ll hold you. let it out before you explode or implode. if you hold it back too long, you will be a human firecracker.

hey, you.

look up. see that sky? it’s the one I’m looking at too. as long as that sky is there, we have each other. as long as that sky is there, I’ll be here. you told me once that that pretty blue was your favourite color and every time I look up, I smile because it has you written on it now. think of that when you’re down, love.

hey, you.

I love you. you can do this life thing, you’ve got it in you. keep your head up and ask me for a little gravity if you need it, I’m always asking you for oxygen. keep on keeping on, one tired step after another. you’re going to make it, a little broken, but whole in the end. scarred, bruised, and crookedly smiling back at me because you made it. and when that all comes to be, I’ll hug wrap you tight because oh, I knew it. I knew it all along.


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